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Good news for the new year!
Do Tell Story Swap is virtual in 2021!

Story telling for adults and teens. 

Do Tell Story Swap’s first virtual Swap

  Fifteen members and two new story lovers gathered to share fun and exciting stories in our first virtual Zoom Swap on January 12th.  The Zoom was generously provided by out sponsor, the Storytelling Association of California (SAC). 
It was wonderful to see the faces and hear the voices of Swap friends, and hear their stories. Some were spontaneous of te moment we are, 2021. Others evoked the experiences from memories past. 

Brandon Spars was and will continue as our host and he sets a relaxed and friendly tone for the tellers. Stories in January were told by Sharon Elwell, Evelyn Hardesty, Laurie Reaume, Katy Mangan, and Elaine Stanley and Vicky Hess. Each brought beautiful, well crafted stories for us to enjoy. We ended our Swap with our customary “circle”, each of us introducing ourselves and talking about a topic. Hearing everyone talk how they spent their time in the last nine months was a great way to connect. 

There are lots of rewarding online opportunities to hear wonderful stories and storytellers. Check out our web site at or for lots of information. We are looking forward to seeing you the 2nd Tuesday of the month, February 9th.

Please consider becoming a member of SAC. Their support provides storytellers story lovers throughout California with services such as story swaps, workshops, storyteller resources, Tellabraiton! and so much more. You will also enjoy the discounts to events and workshops and SAC's newsletter. To experience the community of storytelling fully, sign up today to be a member of SAC.
Join us for our virtual Do Tell Story Swap this coming February 9, 2021 at 7:00 pm via Zoom
from the comfort of your own home!
If you are on our email list, you will get a link to the Zoom Swap. If you are not on our email list send an email to

Log in time: 6:50 - 7:00 p m

Stories are told and not read. No topic is required. They should be between 5-7 minutes. Longer stories as time allows. Sign up to tell when entering the Zoom Swap.  
The storytelling community has been dealt a hard blow by the COVID-19 pandemic. If not affected by the illness itself, many in our community have been hard hit by the economic consequences of this virus. While this pandemic’s reach has been wide and demanding of attention, we realize that there are many times when storytellers need relief. The Storyteller Relief Fund is established as an ongoing fund to extend relief to storytellers with urgent financial needs due to any national, regional, local, or personal emergency, disaster, or loss.
The Storyteller Relief Fund, administered by Artists Standing Strong Together (ASST), receives donations and disburses funds to help storytellers in urgent need of funds from the cancellation of storytelling programs due to any major disaster or emergency.To donate  and find more info:

The silver lining for storytelling

As many tellers will agree, Zoom is not the best medium for storytelling. You have little contact with the audience. There is no immediate feedback, no smiles, nods of agreement or looks of bewilderment. Yet, there are some silver linings. You can attend story swaps all over the state. It is simple to attend conferences and festivals. I have zoomed with friends listening, telling stories and getting feedback. One of my great joys is staying in contact with Sharon Elwell who is currently out of state. She always has a great story to tell!
    So join us at Do Tell Story Swap to enjoy stories with no judges, no pressure, no worries…just inclusive, entertaining fun! It is a place to relax and let our minds use the spoken word to transport us somewhere else with tales of all kinds: old and new, folklore from around the globe, true or tall tales, myths, personal experiences. 
submitted by Katy Mangan - Core Committee Member