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Do Tell Story Swap 
Virtual in 2021!

Story telling for adults and teens. 

SAC brings virtual storytelling via Zoom to Do Tell Story Swap  

Please consider becoming a member of SAC. Their support provides storytellers story lovers throughout California with services such as story swaps, workshops, storyteller resources, Tellabraiton! and now the virtual gatherings via Zoom, along with so much more. You will also enjoy the discounts to events and workshops and SAC's newsletter. To experience the community of storytelling fully, sign up today to be a member of SAC.
Join us for our virtual Do Tell Story Swap this coming July 13,  2021 at 7:00 pm via Zoom
from the comfort of your own home!
If you are on our email list, you will get a link to the Zoom Swap. If you are not on our email list send an email to

Log in time: 6:50 - 7:00 p m

Stories are told and not read. No topic is required. They should be between 5-7 minutes. Longer stories as time allows. Sign up to tell when entering the Zoom Swap.  
The storytelling community has been dealt a hard blow by the COVID-19 pandemic. If not affected by the illness itself, many in our community have been hard hit by the economic consequences of this virus. While this pandemic’s reach has been wide and demanding of attention, we realize that there are many times when storytellers need relief. The Storyteller Relief Fund is established as an ongoing fund to extend relief to storytellers with urgent financial needs due to any national, regional, local, or personal emergency, disaster, or loss.
The Storyteller Relief Fund, administered by Artists Standing Strong Together (ASST), receives donations and disburses funds to help storytellers in urgent need of funds from the cancellation of storytelling programs due to any major disaster or emergency.To donate  and find more info:

We always like to share the stories told at Do Tell Story Swaps, and now you can see videos of the Swap on YouTube sponsored by SAC. Please follow these links to see the most recent video:

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Sonoma County Library is having its first ever
Virtual OPEN Mic! Tues June 22

Are you a musician, storyteller, poet, or have a special talent? Have you learned a new skill during the last year? All of Sonoma County is invited to participate. Film your performance and submit it for a chance to win! The community will vote for their favorites and the top three vote-getters will win gift cards of $50, $30, and $20 in value.
Accepting submissions now through June 15th, 2021, please visit:

Official Rules:
Each performer must be a resident of Sonoma County.
All entries must be self-produced, and may be either a group project or individual work.
Performances may be on any topic, but must be G or PG rated in language and subject matter or they will be disqualified.
Credits should be included in your submission.
Performances may be no more than 5 minutes in length.
Use of sound or video clips from other films, television shows, music videos, etc. within your submitted work is not permitted unless those clips are in the public domain or you have received written permission from the copyright holder. This includes the use of trademarked products or characters.
All new footage should be made while following Sonoma County’s social distancing guidelines.