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Do Tell Story Swap meets every SECOND TUESDAY of the month from 7 pm to 9 pm via Zoom.

Next Do Tell Story Swa​p is April 11, 2023 

Please join us for fun and friendship at Do Tell Story Swap. We invite storytellers and listeners to enjoy this age old tradition of sharing stories of all kinds.

Stories are told and not read. No topic is required. They should be between 5-7 minutes. Longer stories as time allows. Sign up to tell when entering the Zoom Swap.

To receive a Zoom link, please email with your request or questions. 
Video of past Swaps are posted for your enjoyment and review. Sponsored by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC). 

Do Tell Story Swap Playlist.

Some time ago Sharon Elwell suggested we make a video honoring some of our beloved storytellers who had such an impact on our Do Tell Story Swap. Each of these storytellers was a constant contributor to Do Tell Story Swaps, and some were at the very beginning of the Swap 11 years ago. Their generous sharing of their stories and wonderful telling styles inspired so many of us and enriched our Swaps. We believe you will enjoy the video. 

Thank you to John at John Christian Flying Chair Productions who put together this video to honor these tellers. I’m sure it will bring back great memories of these treasured members of our Swap.

Enjoy the video and please “like” and comment on it to help us get the biggest impact of appreciation. We wish you all happy listening and tip our hats to these storytellers who were our friends in storytelling and remember with such gratitude.
What do storytellers need most? Someone to listen to their stories! 

You’re invited to the Do Tell Story Swap. You’ll hear everything from personal yarns and new creative stories to folk tales from around the world. If you love a good story, drop by to listen. Of course, if you get inspired to join in with a story of your own, that’s welcome, too. We look forward to seeing you!
ZOOM Etiquette
Ever try talking to someone who isn’t really listening? 

That’s how our tellers feel when the faces in the little boxes on the screen seem bored or walk away to do something else. The person may be listening, but it doesn’t look like it. Tellers are really grateful for smiling, responsive faces in those boxes! 

Please remember to push the "mute" button when listening so background noise doesn't interrupt the story.

If you choose to comment on a story, please remember to be supportive as well as discerning. 

Story Swap Zoom Etiquette Tips
Do Tell Story Swap 
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