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Do Tell Story Swap 
Virtual via Zoom in 2022
Story telling for adults and teens. 

Join us for our virtual 
Do Tell Story Swap 
October 11, 2022
at 7:00 pm via Zoom

Please join us for stories and friendship at the Do Tell Story Swap. We welcome all - story tellers and listeners. 

If you are on our email list, you will get a link to the Zoom Swap. If you are not on our email list send an email to and we will send the link.

Log in time: 6:50 - 7:00 p m

Stories are told and not read. No topic is required. They should be between 5-7 minutes. Longer stories as time allows. Sign up to tell when entering the Zoom Swap.

Do Tell Story Swap meets every SECOND TUESDAY of the month. 

Tell a Story – Genres Storytelling 

The Genre Storytelling Series is beginning the 3rd year of exceptional stories from your Story Swap members. This event occurs every 3rd Wednesday of the month via Zoom. Sponsored by The Storytelling Association of California (SAC). Congratulations!

AUGUST 17, 2022
Enjoy personal stories told by 8 storytellers that will engage you with wonder, humor and wit. Don't miss it. You must register and if you are a SAC member it is free! Go to https:/ today and sign up to enjoy!

If you want to be nominated, the deadline is the 7th for any specific month. You must be a member of SAC to be nominated (see below) and sponsored by a Swap. Do Tell Story Swap is happy to sponsor you. Please contact Katy Mangan to discuss a nomination for any of the topics. Email:

Important: Nominees must be a member of SAC. Storytellers are paid $50.00 for up to a 10 minute story and if not a SAC member, the fee will be used for membership. We encourage non-members to join at for full participation and all the benefits SAC membership offers. It only costs $30 for 1 year and $50 for 2 years. Since all tellers are now paid $50 for any event, the fee will offset any expense for joining to tell their story.

​The Genres for the entire year are listed below:
October 19 - Spooky/Scary Stories
November - NO GENRE EVENT - Paired Tellabrations throughout the month
December 21 - Sacred/Inspirational Stories
January 18 - Tall Tales
February 15 - Stories of Love
March 15 - Myths/Fables
April 19 - Historical Stories
May 17 - Legeds (Urban and Traditional
June 21 - Fairy/FantasyTales
July 19 - Humorous/Laughing Stories

Video of past Swaps are posted for your enjoyment and review. Sponsored by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC).
Rosemary Hayes

It is with great sadness I'm letting you know that our dear Rosemary Hayes passed away August 19, 2022. Rosemary was an accomplished storyteller with a passion for bringing stories to children. According to her obituary, " Rosemary volunteered as a storyteller in schools for 4th and 5th grade children, relating myths and folk tales to encourage children to appreciate their own imagination and sense of self.". Rosemary was a regular teller at the Do Tell Story Swap for many years, providing an excellent example for the art of storytelling. She will be greatly missed. 

You can read Rosemary's obituary at