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Do you record the stories? If so, can I ask you NOT to record me?
Frequently Asked Questions
Who has access to see the recording later?
Is there a membership fee or cost?
Yes, we record the stories and they are posted on SAC’s YouTube channel. Request that we do not record when signing up to tell.
The recording is posted on the SAC's YouTube channel and may be viewed by the public.
There is no cost or fee to be a member of Do Tell Story Swap. Donations appreciated.
Yes, the Zoom app is available on your phone and iPad. Download the app and use the link that is sent via email before the meeting day.
Can I join via my phone or iPad?
Can I tell a story I've just heard somewhere else?
If the story is in the public domain you may tell it.
Ever try talking to someone who isn't really listening?
That’s how our tellers feel when the faces in the little boxes on the screen seem bored or walk away to do something else. The person may be listening, but it doesn’t look like it. Tellers are really grateful for smiling, responsive faces in those boxes! Please remember to push the "mute" button when listening so background noise doesn't interrupt the story. If you choose to comment on a story, please remember to be supportive as well as discerning.
Got a story to tell but not quite sure it’s ready for prime time?
Mentoring available. You can schedule a free mentoring session with one of our experienced tellers. Get personalized tips and suggestions for sharpening your story. Contact