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Do Tell Story Swap Summaries
July 9, 2024

2024 Virtual Story Swap via Zoom sponsored by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC)
Swap Summaries 
Our hosts:
Katy Mangan
Vicky Ness
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Ukraine: A Changing Story
By Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, Fall 2023 Issue, p 38-41

The Art of Crankies!
By Vicky Ness

Time with Antonio
By Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, Summer 2023, p 35-38

Are You A Listener?
By Meg Brown

Storytelling Game
By Vicky Ness

Swap Light - Santa Rosa Do Tell Story Swap. From Kenneth's Garage  to a Community Cornerstone
By Katy Mangan and Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, July 2022 Issue, p 7-8
Our host, Brandon Spars, opened the evening – and ended it as well - with the delightful story of how he met and courted his wife. Thirty-five years ago, he was a volunteer English teacher in Bali and Irma, his future wife, was his student. After some hilarious misadventures with the language, Brandon won her.

Renu Narayan zoomed in from India with charming hand puppets to tell the story of a bird who lost his song. The song traveled to other animals: a butterfly, a fish, an elephant, and even a camel before finding its way back.

Beth Wakelee shared an old English folktale called “Tops and Bottoms,” in which a farmer makes a successful deal with an imp.

Laura McHale Holland told an original story about an empty cardboard box that arrives unexpectedly and produces a wonderful gift.

Sharon Elwell told an old story of a neat little woman for whom everything seemed to turn out just right.

Vicky Ness has invented another charming story of nine-year-old Edmond, whose dream was to become a toll taker on the New Jersey Turnpike – until he is attacked by a uniform.

Katy Mangan shared a Scottish tale of Limping Norman, whose name is changed after an adventure with the Little People – the fairies.