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Do Tell Story Swap Story Summaries
May 2022
Thank you, Vicky Ness, for providing us with your really wonderful summaries of the stories told at the May Swap. Every one describes why storytelling enriches our lives. You can watch the May Swap on YouTube: 

Brandon Spars, Beth Wakelee, Alicia Retes, Pete Moffet, Beverly Schwartz, Genevieve Franklin were our tellers.  

Brandon Spars
Brandon heads to the bush of Liberia, joined by his wife, his friends, their African guide and an ever-present cardboard Jesus. Accidents happen… lives are changed… and not a few miracles occur.

Beth Wakelee
The wonderful tale of Old Joe and the Carpenter. Told with quiet humor, this story tells of discovering, almost against our will, the power of forgiveness and generosity of the heart.

Alicia Retes
A love story about an amazing mother, told with music, poetry and stories. Alicia combines a history lesson with the biography of a beautiful spirit who lived a long and remarkable life.

Pete Moffett
Where can a passion lead you? Pete tells us of his love of flying and adventures of taking to the sky. It’s a universal story of courage and the power of facing your fears.

Beverly Schwartz
For the love of a chicken. Beverly tells a culinary tale most fowl, as seen through the eyes of a young child.

Katy Mangan
Where can a book take you? This particular book takes us along as it ventures out into the “real world” to find its voice and the stories it wants to tell us. 

Vicky Ness
The silence and solitude of a small but stately museum is challenged by an adventurous cleaning lady and a mouse.

Genevieve Franklin
By walking into the spirit of a painting, one can discover the stories waiting to be told, the otherworldly wonder of the imagination and the universal call for healing.

Do Tell Story Swap Story Summaries April 2022

Wow! A great night with a variety of stories.
Sharon Elwell started the evening with a liar’s tale told by a wife who had driven her husband to madness by singing to him constantly.

Vicky Ness had her imagination in high gear with a story of an animal who constantly pleaded with Mother Nature to change his characteristics. He started as a fish who wanted to fly. When he became a cormorant, he wanted to be able to run, so changed into an ostrich. Then he wanted teeth and water. But after changing to an alligator, he finally became a frog – who never stopped grumbling.

Genevieve Franklin told a story about her husband, who was fascinated with the Civil War and studied it constantly. After he died, she promised to follow the famous phrase and “long remember.”

Beverly Schwarz told about seeing her father for the last time before his death and compared those tender moments to the suffering of Ukrainians in today’s war who must say goodbye to their dear ones. She quoted, “There will be peace when the power of love is greater than the love of power.”

Alicia Retes honored her mother with a poem she had composed with her brother about their mother’s wide range of interest and many adventures. 

Elisheva Hart also honored her mother’s cleverness, saving her from a St. Patrick’s Day of being pinched because she had nothing green to wear by supplying her with a surprise green to wear. 

Katy Mangan ended the evening with a beautiful story of Eduardo’s trip into the Deep Woods to communicate with a great spirit. 

Be sure to join us next in May for more fun and entertaining stories from our great Do Tell storytellers! 

2021 Virtual Story Swap via Zoom sponsored by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC). 
Our host Brandon Spars

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