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A story from the Pacific Islands:
The Eight Cow Woman
Do Tell Story Swap Summaries
June 11, 2024

2024 Virtual Story Swap via Zoom sponsored by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC)
Swap Summaries 
Our hosts:
Katy Mangan
Vicky Ness
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Ukraine: A Changing Story
By Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, Fall 2023 Issue, p 38-41

The Art of Crankies!
By Vicky Ness

Time with Antonio
By Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, Summer 2023, p 35-38

Are You A Listener?
By Meg Brown

Storytelling Game
By Vicky Ness

Swap Light - Santa Rosa Do Tell Story Swap. From Kenneth's Garage  to a Community Cornerstone
By Katy Mangan and Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, July 2022 Issue, p 7-8
Beth Wakelee began the evening with a delightful Scandinavian folk tale called “Backing Up Your Story,” from the book Apples from Heaven. A boastful husband gets himself into trouble, but his wife saves him, proving that “a rooster can crow, but it’s the hen who delivers the goods.”

Ken Foster called in from Ephraim, Utah, to share a story about a stingy baker in Peru who wanted to charge his neighbor money for enjoying the delicious aromas of his baked goods.

Meg Brown told a Norwegian folk tale about a hand mill that wouldn’t stop grinding.

Renu Narayan called from early morning in India to tell an original story she shared with children about dinosaurs who fought each other until a tiny mouse taught them wisdom.

Sharon Elwell told of a prince in search of a wise bride.

Sree Karuna joined us from India to share the story of a cockroach who felt that wigs, false eyelashes, and bright lipstick made her more attractive.

Genevieve Franklin told us about her journey to become an undesignated kidney donor.

Vicky Ness gave us an original story of Jewel – a woman whose heart was broken when her three hens – Arabella, Zina, and Butterball – were killed by a predator. Could she ever find joy in living again?

Katy Mangan shared a story of a Oliver Trout – a strange visitor who came during the summer solstice, when things “are not always what they seem to be.”