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Do Tell Story Swap Summaries
April 9, 2024

2024 Virtual Story Swap via Zoom sponsored by the Storytelling Association of California (SAC)
Swap Summaries 
Our hosts:
Katy Mangan
Vicky Ness
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Ukraine: A Changing Story
By Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, Fall 2023 Issue, p 38-41

The Art of Crankies!
By Vicky Ness

Time with Antonio
By Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, Summer 2023, p 35-38

Are You A Listener?
By Meg Brown

Storytelling Game
By Vicky Ness

Swap Light - Santa Rosa Do Tell Story Swap. From Kenneth's Garage  to a Community Cornerstone
By Katy Mangan and Brandon Spars
Published in The Story Beast, July 2022 Issue, p 7-8
Neshama Franklin, a newcomer to the group, enchanted us with a story about everyone’s favorite witch: Baba Yaga.

Sharon Elwell related how a storyteller changed a long bus ride from an ordeal to a fascinating adventure.

Renu Narayan called from early morning in India to delight us with the story of a confrontation between a temple deity and a terrible singer.

Vina Breyfogle called attention to the fact that the seed spores of trees on the ground were only half-visible in the shadows during an eclipse.

Vicky Ness told a moving story about three women: young Elsbeth, her mother, and her grandmother, as they experienced Easter.

Sree Karuna called in from India to share the story of a generous wise man and his beloved horse, Sultan.

Katy Mangan took us into Eduardo’s magical world to share a story about “Old Willem,” the gardener of the magic walled garden.