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Do Tell Story Swap Summary – September 2017

September’s Story Swap was lively with stories of many styles. Here is a recap:
Ellie Sheva – A true story found the teller staying in a place not her own to watch cats. Dreams, a thunderstorm and one cat levitated and another clever enough not to get drenched created an illusion between dream and truth. 
Steven - Pondering angels and belief in them, Steven’s story described the audio experience of working in a wood shop and wonders if it was an angel’s shout that saved most of his finger when he went to sleep operating a monotonous machine and listening to the symphony of the machines in the shop. 
Nicolene – This sweet parable of how working together can help mitigate disaster is very timely given the recent hurricane and wild fire events. Animals seeing that many can overcome a disaster by working together is a tale for every creature.
Laurie – A short musing on how sometimes the thought of a loved one brings a yearning for eating what they enjoyed together. In this case, the wonderful experience of summer corn.
Cal’s story “Back and Forth” - Playground swings are very appealing and both children and adults find swinging a pleasure. But when the child finds an old man in the playground swing, he objects. How was he to know the old man was once a child too and swinging never gets old.
Brandon – “The Big Night out on the River” – Summers on a river in Missouri have provided many an exciting story of growth, amazement and mystery to Brandon’s stories. Told with drama and a sense of fun, you have to come and hear them!
Claire Spars – This story about being lost in the Petaluma corn maze has most likely been an experience shared by many looking for fun in the maze. It’s so easy to get lost and sometimes panic sets in. Especially if you hear there is a “gorilla man” in there. How funny when it turns out to be the teller’s 7th grade math teacher!
Mary – A fractured fairy tale, this rendition is “Jane and the Beanstalk” where there is a heroine instead of a hero. Fresh narrative enhances the fun of this well known story.
Michael – Some of life’s most intimate events inform a story with insight and sweetness. In this case, hearing one of his father’s favorite songs, realizing what it meant and having an experience of “looking out the window at eternity.”
Martha – This story comes from China and is about a daughter leaving her father and homeland to go to America with a husband she did not know. The slippers she makes weave the story together to form a message of connection and love.
Robin – This lovely Inuit story is a “creation” story at its core. It is also about a marriage but this time it is a disaster and she flees from her husband. In her flight, her fingers are cut off and she sinks into the sea. Her severed fingers become the walrus, seals and whales. She becomes a goddess and her moods and tempers create the storms and calms of the ocean.