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​ Do Tell Swap Summary – August 14, 2018

Everyone has a story, and this month stories about personal experiences predominated. Stories ranged across life’s events providing listeners with a lot to remember and relate to.

John Lambert, a new teller, entertained us with his encounter with a Komodo Dragon. As large and dangerous as he described them, John still felt lucky to have seen one.

Laurie’s tale of the invasion of the yellowjackets was a home owner’s nightmare. After trying less toxic and yet futile methods of getting rid of them, she finally left it up to the professional. However, even with his bag of tricks, he still found disposing of these invaders a big challenge.

Cal’s reminiscence was of summer dances with soft nights and cool music to swing your girl to. Cal struck just the right tone to bring everyone’s thoughts back to the day of their own summer nights.

George Magnar was another new teller that has a lot to tell. He started by telling us of Col. Joe Rogers Jr., his hero, who was a fighter and a test pilot. George’s knowledge of aviation and experience promise many more great stories to be heard from him.

Katy told about coming home from England and of the arduous, and for most travelers, familiar set of obstacles she had to overcome. Finally, declaring “The Eagle has Landed”, she found home at last.

Hal reminded us that school is starting up and with it some iconic events and the student behaviors that come with it. In this case, he recalled his daughter’s Science Fair project. The combination of ambition, ignorance and procrastination usually means an all nighter, at least by the parent. I imagine we’ve all been there at least once on this one. 

Sharon’s story of Luther Burbank reminded us of the contribution of this great man. Sharon wove the historical setting with the innovation Burbank brought to his work, illustrating how he changed the world.

Nicolene’s story “Synchronicity” describes the strange tricks life plays when two people meet only to find, after sharing stories that they have met before.

Mary told a story that blended an old Appalachian story and a Pete Seeger song called “Sody Saleratus”. When the cook wanted sody saleratus for her biscuits and sends her husband to the store, he makes up a song which delays him getting the sody. After a while, the cook has to go herself if there were to be any biscuits. 

Robin’s family is now owned by a new cat. This happens when a cat is hanging around soft hearted people and needs a home. Robin took him home and his outsized personality and personal beauty won them over. So when he escaped, the search was on. Smart cat, he came home on his own and all was well – at least for now!

Come to the Swap Tuesday, September 11th for fun and entertainment. Come to tell, come to listen. 

Do Tell Story Swap Summary – July 2018

It was hot outside but we stayed cool at the July Swap held at Oakmont Gardens. Thank you to the folks at Oakmont Gardens for the very hospitable space for Swap! And always thank you to all our Swappers who share their stories each month!

Sher started us off with a story set in 1983 about her encounter with an Indian man who became her avatar and revealed the unity of the world in God.
Then Cal entertained with O’Hanlon and the Wee Boy. Since O’Hanlon was a famous robber and the Wee Boy was on a mission to get money from him, the story has a tricksy end!

Mary told the Russian tale about Baba Yaga and her magic porridge pot. When she leaves lovable but dimwitted Dumbo John in charge, that pot causes all kinds of trouble.

Claire’s state of consciousness story of sleep, being in the dream state and waking, was a thoughtful story to make us consider what the mind is saying.

Hal’s story about having a special cat then losing it and finding another, ponders whether we choose or if they do, who should be the master. Life with cats!

Brandon ‘s tales of his time in Indonesia never fail to captivate. Explaining why he went to Indonesia in the first place, this story tells of his journey toward understanding real love. 

Rosemary has been working with Finnish stories and in her tale she told about Väinämöinen, a wise old magician and the hero of the Finnish epic the 'Kalevala'. In this adventure, Väinämöinen is pitted against a giant who swallows our hero. Väinämöinen makes the giant so uncomfortable while in his belly, the giant gives him the magic he needs. 

Sharon remembered her grandmother and the experiences that connect them, including a bout of measles. When Sharon’s child was born in a difficult and quick birth, a flannel blanket that wrapped the baby brought the memories full circle back to her grandmother’s loving care.

Elaine’s spirited telling of “Luck or Intelligence” strives to answer the age old question of whether one wins through luck or intelligence or maybe the blending of the two. Well told and structured, this tale always entertains.
Robin’s story of Brier Fox and the suitors that came to woo his daughter brought laughter and fun to the closing of our July Swap. 

You can look forward to many more wonderful stories at the August Swap. Join us in the cool air conditioning at Oakmont Gardens on August 14th!

Story Swap Summary - June 2018

A warm summer evening was made more enjoyable by the opportunities to share stories at this month’s Swap. 

Mary told Uncle Remus’ story Bre’er Rabbit and the Alligator. Just like the Gingerbread Boy, you can probably guess how that turns out!

Cal told a story of make believe playmates that become quite real and dear. But, as seems to happen, make believe playmates cannot provide the support real people can.

Sharon’s story of a move to Colorado, teaching and her Granny’s fishing was a look into another time.

Trudy alerted us all by way of this story that her cat, Tuxedo Jack, has gone missing. Describing Jack in all his glory her story was framed about how she got him and his antics. Trudy asked us to keep our eye out for him. (Happy ending a day or two later – Tuxedo Jack is found and is at home again!)

Rosemary took an extra bit of time to talk about the tradition of Finnish stories – how they were collected and published and influenced writers such as Longfellow. Then she told the story of a man and his sister in the Finnish tradition.

Sher’s story explored intuition and the many ways to listen to it and the result of letting it guide you in your day. Unexpected things can come along and make a difference.

Katy told about “The Best Hike Ever”, about hiking near Lake Tahoe and the adventures that, though arduous at the time, are looked back on with excitement.

Elisheva’s story about angel wings was whimsical, blending a real art exhibit with a dreamscape that results in great enjoyment.

Elaine finished up the tales with one about a famer and his magical wife where his curiosity ends up with disaster.

Join us July 10th in air-conditioned comfort for swapping stories, a great way to spend your summer evening!

Sharon provides some humor.
Cal has everyone's attention.
Clare weaving her story.

         Robin gets to the scary part.