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What is Do Tell Story Swap?  

Do Tell Story Swap is a noncompetitive, supportive gathering for all teens and adults to share stories by telling and listening. We meet in Santa Rosa, California, on the second Tuesday of each month. See our home page for more info about location and time.

No judges, no pressure, no worries…just inclusive, entertaining fun! It is a place to relax and let our minds use the spoken word to transport us somewhere else.

Stories are to be told, not read, best when up to 5 minutes in length, and must end after 7 minutes at most. Preparing a story of 5 minutes or less keeps it lively and succinct, with a clear beginning, middle and ending.  

Do Tell Story Swap tellers present tales of all kinds: old and new, folklore from around the globe, true or tall tales, myths, personal experiences. Tellers and their stories may enlighten, entertain, puzzle, delight and amaze listeners.

Among our “regulars” are longtime teachers and librarians with a wealth of stories from times and places throughout history. Others tell personal stories from daily life. We occasionally host professional storytellers who perform, then welcome questions from the audience about the craft of storytelling.

Do Tell is also the place for new or casual tellers to come and try out their stories. Perhaps it is one they heard somewhere, a family story or “Can you believe it?” true anecdote they feel compelled to convey. You are welcome as a listener, without a requirement to tell any stories yourself.  

Take a break from this hyper-electronic hurried world and listen live in real time as intriguing, magical, moving, sometimes hilarious, and memorable narratives unfold. Do Tell Story Swap is a safe place to express your feelings, receive encouragement, to connect with others and make new friends.  

Because some of our members are sensitive to scented products, we are a scent-free venue for the health and comfort of all participants.