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What is Do Tell Story Swap?

So everyone is busy! Why go to a Story Swap? Because it gives you a break from this hyper electronic world. It is relaxing, it is creative, it is accepting, it is intriguing, it is funny, it is a place to make friends, it is a place to express your feelings, it is a safe place, it is a place to heal and tell, it is a place to be amazed.

Do Tell Story Swap tellers come from all avenues of life and their words are of old and new tales. Myth, fairytale, heroic journeys, personal relationships and experiences. They enlighten, entertain, puzzle and amaze.

Some of our tellers are “old hands”. They know the craft and have contributed much to our Swap. Among them are longtime teachers and librarians. Frequent participants include Rosemary Hayes, Clare Morris, Martha Shogren, Elaine Stanley, Kenneth Foster, Brandon Spars, and Katy Mangan. We also appreciate local professional storytellers stopping in sometimes, such as Cathryn Fairlee and Leslie Scatchard.

Do Tell is also the place for new tellers or casual tellers to come and try stories out. Perhaps it is one they heard somewhere, a family story or occasional story. Providing a place to share encourages stories to be told. 

The Swap is a place to connect with others and make friends. It is a place to relax and let our minds use the spoken word to transport us to another world and new insights. 

Meeting in Santa Rosa, California, on the second Tuesday of the month, Do Tell Story Swap is a gathering for teens and adults where all are welcome to share stories by telling and listening. No judges, no competition, no worries… just inclusive, entertaining fun!

The Story Swap is a scent-free venue for the comfort of everyone.